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As a functional movement specialist and certified Nike Golf NG360 Performance Specialist, I use scientifically based principles and revolutionary techniques to assist, improve and drive performance and athleticism for sports, personal goals, hobbies or interests.

How do I do this? I take an in-depth look at your performance and that of your sport, hobby or interest and map it out, sequence by sequence, joint by joint, muscle by muscle – literally. I am a specialist in human biomechanics analysis, determining where you may need more movement, flexibility, strength, power or coordination for example.

Then comes the fun bit! We train to improve your performance and skills using hands on and hands off techniques to create measurable success, getting the results you desire.

I pride myself on being a geek of the human body, and when it comes to movement, its my thing. This approach truly focuses on your function (sport, hobby or interest) and attaining your goals, not anyone else’s, and it works!

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