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Do you feel lethargic, is your vitality low, are you under excessive stress, have issues with sleep, want to improve your overall health and wellbeing ?

Here at TWS, we use fundemental, holistic principles based upon nutrition, rest and movement specific to your needs. We assess the underlying issues of your current lifestyle, addressing any problem areas and prioritsing, one by one, areas that we need to improve upon, to enable you to lead a better quality, enjoyable way of life.

Here at TWS, we are C.H.E.K holistic lifestyle coach qualified, which is one of the most respected institutes for holistic health and wellbeing worldwide. TWS uses the C.H.E.K approach which follows the principles of eating right to think right, drinking right to think right and moving right to think right.

We teach you the basic principles of health and wellbeing which are bespoke to you. Remember, we are all different, and you cannot expect an Eskimo to eat the same way as we do in Europe for example, and thrive, we are not made that way.

This is why we use metabolic typing to ensure you eat to your individual nutritional requirements, not a 'one size fits all' approach. It consists of balancing the ratio's of protein, carbohydrates and fats to your body's needs and wants, and it works! This method is not new, it has been around since time began, we all ate this way until the processed food and marketing moguls changed the way we think, eat, and live. Diets do not work, you probably already know this!


Health is essential, we should all be loving life, not struggling through it. This is what the program is about, coaching you to develop, learn, understand and apply foundational principles that your body needs so that you can begin the process of leading a better quality of life, for life.

We also offer seminars and presentations to groups, businesses or families that are interested in leading a more holistic, healthy and happy way of life. Please contact us.

Package includes

Comprehensive holistic lifestyle consultation.

Bespoke movement, exercise, lifestyle and nutritional program.

TWS motivational, knowledge and learning support.
Copy of the book 'How to eat, move and be healthy'.

8 or 12 week program - 2 hours one-to-one coaching per week

8 week program 600.00 | 12 week program 850.00

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